Loyal customer always wins!

Sail in Rio+ is a program that focuses on providing an unforgettable customer experience on our tours. 

More Experiences!

More Promotions!

More Discounts!

Virtual Loyalty Card

To participate in this promotion is very easy. Just log in and register your voucher number. Whenever you book a new tour you can register your voucher number in the promotion. The more numbers registered, the greater your discount.

See an example:
1 voucher registered: 10% discount on the next tour;
2 vouchers registered: 12% discount on the next tour;
3 vouchers registered: 14% discount on the next tour;
4 or more vouchers registered: 15% discount on upcoming tours.

The discounts are progressive, reaching a maximum of 15%.

How will the discount be applied?
You will receive an exclusive, unique COUPON, which is valid for the purchase of the chosen tour.

Where do I get my coupon number?
Take your Sail In Rio + program panel, when you register your first voucher you create a password.

To access click on the link:
Password: your registered-password
If you don't remember what the password is, just click on the link and recover the password.

Promotion validity.
This promotion is for an indefinite period.
When and if the promotion ends you will be notified by email at least 2 months in advance, giving you time to redeem your coupon.

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